In the Weeds

There are a long list of things that I should be doing at this very moment. However, not wanting to fall behind in posting my thoughts, I’m taking a moment to do so. It’s been a productive day thus far. Despite hoping to wake up today at the same time as my new self-imposed office hours which start at 9am, I neglected to set an alarm for Saturday. I have completed 4 of the 6 items on today’s to-do list and so I’m pretty happy about that. Although the list is growing, I feel as though I’m coming into my own. And for that, I am almost beyond words. I still haven’t been able to find all the words to express what it’s like at this stage in my life. This past week has been such a wonderful step forward professionally speaking. Things are so well even that I’ve penned two poems and worked on a few other verses. I’ve been so full of excitement and there has been a rush of inspiration and thoughts.

Yesterday was a fun-filled family day. My sister-in-law graduated from dental hygiene school and we’re all so very proud. I’m excited for her. I remember my graduations and how I felt, the weight of classes and homework being lifted. A new journey is about to begin for her and I’ll be on the front row watching. I too am in the beginning stages of my new professional journey. Sure, I’m nervous. How could I not be? I got another project for my business. I’m now an independent contractor with Working Solutions and feel so privileged. I’ve had to obtain a few more services which have increased my monthly sunk cost but I’m confident that I can make it work. The thing is, I am more interested in growing my business and obtaining a good balance in my life that the fact that I don’t have a set income each month is not, at present, in the front of my mind. Much of what’s been happening with me has had to do with my administrative services business and I plan to chronicle that on my business blog so as to not bore everyone here.

It’s just been so great feeling good about life for a change, ignoring some of the realities that I simply can’t change. So now I sit in my home office with a pad of paper to jot down my verses and I make heavy use of Toodledo and my Google calendar. I couldn’t function without them. It’s just been such a refreshing and welcomed change. I only hope that I can hold on to this feeling and that I can continue to persevere. And sure, I want to be successful, I want to see what it’s like to be me and do what I do and have it validated outside of the traditional office environment. So even though I’m running a little bit behind I’m grateful that there’s so much to do. I have a few moments where I feel like I could become overwhelmed but then I just take a deep breath and remind myself that it’s always best to take it a little by little.

Today’s poem of the day is Stop. It’s about my ex-husband and I wrote it just a few months back. In recent months I’ve been in occasional contact with my former mother-in-law. I suppose that, like many other things in my life, inspired the penning of this poem.

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