Before I Lay My Head

What I thought would be a quick post to my business’s newly created blog turned into a much longer epistle. I started a business blog yesterday and hope to chronicle my experiences being a small business owner there. While I’d like to ambitiously say that I’ll update it daily, I know that that will likely not occur as I become more busy and more involved in my startup. Wow, that’s so strange to say. Startup. Sure, it’s usually a term used in the tech world but my administrative services business is definitely a startup in a number of ways. I’ve had it for years but just didn’t invest the time and energy I could’ve and maybe should’ve. Now, now that I’ve decided to forego actively looking for another office job, I’m going to do all that I can to cultivate it. After all, since I’ll be choosing my own clients I don’t suppose I can really complain.

I do like the idea and now the reality of rolling out of my bed and walking the few steps into my home office. Since we have a two-room bedroom suite with billowing curtains separating the two rooms, when I’m in here, I’m at work. I must admit that I still have a pile of items junking up the floor below the office window that have been there since the hubby and I moved in with my brother. With my sister-in-law and the kids returning at the end of the month the house will be a little bustling metropolis. What it means is that we’ll be shifting some furniture around and I must clear the cluttered space in order to put our sofa in.

It’s still early enough in that I’m just allowing the excitement and the few completed projects to posses me. We’re costing on a bit of fumes financially but when that cushion is gone it’ll mean that this honeymoon period will be over and reality will assuredly slap me in the face. I’m trying to remain hopeful and steadfast in my decision to do this full-time. I just hope that I’ll have a permanent client or two that will make this dream a more pleasant reality.

Since yesterday was a bit of a fiasco with little sleep, I’m heading off to bed now. It’s 2AM and instead of doing my normal nightly routine of logging onto the Mystery Manor app on my iPad and completing a chapter of leisure reading, I’m just going to take my night meds and go to sleep. Today’s poem, one of my favorites, Spontaneous Eruptions.

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