Sleep Depravation Genius

For the past two or so weeks, I have been struggling with sleep deprivation. It was in this depraved state that I realized that I should probably only drink one can of V8 +Energy and do so as soon as I wake up. I am apparently a lightweight when it comes to caffeine. The same equivalent to some energy drinks and just shy of the equivalent of a cup of coffee, its 80mg keeps me too wired. Maybe I should just do a shot of it each day since the 8 fluid ounces is too much. With less than 3 hours of sleep, I present the following for your consideration.

They say that “Nothing good happens after 2 AM.”

And when I say they, I’m really just referencing the season one episode of Have You Met My Mother by the same name. Unable to sleep, my mind was racing. However, it wasn’t in the way that I expected. There was a flow of creativity and excitement that I haven’t experienced in quite some time. I often ask myself, “what do I want to do when I grow up?” I get it, I’m knocking on the door of forty, and I still haven’t nailed down what truly gets me out of bed in the morning. Currently, it’s the need to pay bills. I’ve been working mostly non-stop since my teens, and I feel exhausted. However, it’s time to enjoy making the donuts!

They say that “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.”

It’s also said that karma is a bitch, but I’ll leave that for another day. I’ve been a Jane of All Trades for much of my adult life. Ever the overachiever and a proponent of crosstraining, I didn’t see that it comes with its limits. It’s like going through the buffet line and piling on a little of everything. What does that hurt? Well, you have a plate full of things that you love, like, don’t like, and even detest. And because you thought that it was best to pile it on, you forget that it’s impossible for you to love everything on the plate and that you don’t get enough of what you want to eat.

They say that you should “Keep it Simple, Stupid.”

And it was with that in mind that I had the thought on how to pivot my business. While I’m keeping mum on the details, for now, I will say #YodaMe. I am one who luxuriates in the details. However, I can get lost in them. Think. Overthink. Think again. I didn’t trust the life experiences I’ve earned. I didn’t trust myself. And then, in the euphoria of sleep deprivation, I thought, I do know what I want to be when I grow up. All I had to do was to trust in the path that my life has taken me.

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