Rejection: The Greatest Equalizer

This post is many things. It’s a love letter, it’s a eulogy, but most importantly, it’s acceptance. And while there is a temptation to outpour all the thoughts that are inside my head, I will respectfully refrain. Also, it being Friday the 13th is not lost on me.

Why? Because sometimes we should focus on the destination and jettison the attachment and constant looking back at the journey. How many times should we analyze the same unchanging situation? A fixed point in the past will always be a fixed point in the past. Don’t pin your future to it. You can’t take it with you, but you sure can stubbornly drag it along for years and refuse to let it go. After time you become comfortable in the discomfort.

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Every Self Perceived Misstep is Not a Failure

You may just need to clean your glasses! Today marks the end of a relatively brief but influential period in my life. Since May 2017 I have worked at Keller Williams in a primarily administrative capacity. My first foray into the real estate industry, I worked with an agent as her assistant for the first several months and then, when that partnership ended I was initially welcomed on staff as the assistant to the CEO of 4 offices and then had other duties added to my somewhat fluid position. Now, 7 months later, it’s time to move on.

I have struggled for months, still unsure of what a 37-year-old librarian and administrative and productivity tools junkie with 2 Masters degrees could, would and should do when she grew up. I started what was my side hustle, an administrative services business in 2011 while still working for the library. My BFF encouraged me to do so, and it was one of the few times that I listened. I hoped to ultimately further expand┬ámy offerings as I continued to learn more about admin, systems, and productivity tools. It wasn’t until the day that I informed my current boss that I was providing my notice that I had the lightbulb moment. Continue reading “Every Self Perceived Misstep is Not a Failure”