Thank goodness it’s Friday. Thank goodness it’s Finished. Thank goodness I’m Free. Bold statements from a broken person, I know. Today, well actually tomorrow, is the last day of the month. I’ve always been the type of person who likes to start new habits on the first of the month. It’s like shedding the old and settling into the new. It’s been a harrowing past week and I am eager to put it all behind me and move forward. While I was on the treadmill this morning I thought, clearly due to a boost in my endorphins, today is going to be a good day. And so for all of you out there, I hope that today is a fantastic Friday! Continue reading “TGIF”

Don’t Write While Under the Influence

I had to apologize to Evil Voldemort. Now, before I’m asked if I’m crazy (yes, of course, I thought we already determined that), I want to clarify. It’s not at all what you may think.

Many of my subscribers have followed my blog for years and anyone who knows me know that I write from my heart, sharing my thoughts, heartache, and personal struggles. After all, I’m very human too. Continue reading “Don’t Write While Under the Influence”