It’s visceral this feeling,
As thoughts of you now plague my mind.
Like a bad unwanted memory,
Or our nonexistent and unwanted child.

I’d thought you’d lost your power,
A decade buried – not so fast.
But here you come a knocking,
Just give me my peace at last.

Was it not enough to drag me,
Through my 20s with such despair?
Must you now invade my 30s,
Must you reopen just a tear?

I’ve moved on or so I wanted,
To banish you to my past.
But now the memories of you haunt me,
As if you want another chance.

The past is not so distant,
When it’s matters of the heart.
I wish for it to be forgotten,
I wish to cease my beating heart.

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The Scream, courtesy of Kaitlin from