I Love Mom, “The Duchess”

I have been so busy over the past few days. And in the moments I should have been sleeping my brain has been working like a locomotive. Today’s post is simply an ode to my mother. I wrote her a poem the other night that I broke into two parts, making them two. The first, The Duchess is titled with the moniker she likes to use when speaking about herself.

And so on this day, a day about mothers, I share with you my poem, a poem about my dear mother.

The Duchess

In bunk beds you tucked us,
In our old Brooklyn home.
I remember the creak of the wood,
I remember the sounds of those floors.

It almost feels like yesterday,
My memory is fresh.
Your Jheri curled hair,
In your 1980s wardrobe you dressed.

You bought us Teddy Ruxpin,
Laser Tag and Cabbage Patch Kids.
You took us on adventures,
The ’82 Buick we piled in.

We visited the states,
Historical attractions in between.
We stayed at hotels,
You kept us pristine.

You always took care of us,
You do so even still.
Even with your children now grown,
You sometimes still pay our bills.

You’ve been the greatest mother,
Even when we grew ill.
No matter our behavior,
Yes, even when we’re a bit of a pill.

Sure you were strict,
Exacting and stern.
But it is your guiding hand,
It is from you that we’ve learned.

Both myself and my brother,
We’re so much like you.
And we wouldn’t be us,
If you didn’t love us so true.

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