Spontaneous Eruptions



If only you could feel it,
How full I am inside.
The love I have inside me,
The past I’ve left behind.

You fill me with excitement,
Desires that are new.
Your heart I want to hold me,
Your love I want it’s true.

It’s crazy to imagine,
When two hearts finally meet.
Both ready to be open,
But reluctant to take the leap.

I understand the trepidation,
I know my request will go unmet.
My heart full palpitations,
Nervous at every step.

Love comes when you’re not looking,
And fulfillment requires work.
But the decisions we’ve sometimes chosen,
Are the best decisions that will work.

I know not what tomorrow brings,
I can’t see it in your eyes.
I can only tell you how I feel,
Expressing with no lies.

I love you with a passion,
Like vampires to the neck.
Intoxicated desires,
With you I have so met.

Creative Commons License

My Love, courtesy of Jennuine Captures from Flickr.com.