Anticipating the Future

This week has been filled with ups and downs. Chaotic insurance issues that took up all of my day yesterday gave way to the anticipation of an upcoming week of me waiting to hear back regarding two of the jobs I hope may lead to employment. I’ve been out of the office since early December. With the hysterectomy that I had in the early part of the month, I haven’t been steadily in an office environment for months. I must say that despite still being slow to fully unpacking, my home office is fully functional. If I need to work from home, I’m fully equipped. What I’ve been doing is lightweight compared to what I can do. I’ve been cleaning up my email, working on cleaning up my profiles on various social network sites, prepping for my name change and a bit more.

Yesterday’s chaos resulted in me and the insurance agency being unsure as to when my cover has or will end. Additionally, I have signed myself and the hubby up for the Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care). Say what you will about it, I am glad that it’s an option. There is no way we could afford to continue health cover under COBRA. It’s crazy, really. COBRA, while great in theory, is absolutely horrible in practice. If you’re not working, who exactly would you be able to afford the employee and employer portion of the premium cost? In our case, in order to keep the health plan we presently (or formerly) had under COBRA it would cost over $1,600 per month! If things work out as they should, we shouldn’t have a break in coverage. That would be nice. Upon learning that we likely still have insurance coverage, I quickly refilled all of our prescriptions. In all their cases we have 3-month prescriptions so at least we’ll have 3 months of meds regardless of what happens.

I’m still struggling with sleep. Last night, rather, this morning I was up until 4am. As a result of this I slept in until 1pm. I know that this is not at all good for someone who intends to work a regular 9-5 job. Whenever that happens I’ll be happy to move forward. While I thought that last week would be the week I got the job, maybe it was the week that I interviewed for or was considered for it. So let’s hope that this coming week will bring about some good news. I’m growing weary of not being as productive as I’d like to be. I enjoy working. I enjoy making my contribution to the world. Yes, I’ve been able to write more and I have been able to relax in a way that I haven’t before. However, I’m tired of seeing our funds dwindle. The stress of the impact of being unemployed is difficult. Between the issues with insurance and now having to also submit more paperwork for my student loan repayment plan, it’s just irritating.

I’m hopeful. One has to be in order for them to remain sane. It really is a waiting game. I’m still applying for jobs and doing the things I should but for someone like me, who enjoys working, I’m just ready for the start of my new professional career. Enough of all that, on to today’s poem, Poem for You. This was written the day or actually the morning after the demise of a relationship that really should not have happened to begin with. I was enchanted by him. But it’s now all in the past.

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