Sleep Deprived

I feel as though I’ve been quite negligent of my blog. To be honest, sometimes it’s a bit sad that I don’t get much feedback on my posts. Sure, I can see the WP stats but there is little to no real dialog generated by my posting. All the same, even if no one read anything that I wrote, I’d still feel compelled to do so. It has been more than a week, ten days to be exact, since I last wrote. On the one hand I don’t know where all those days went and on the other, I realize that I have just been dragging my feet.

There was a few days in my blogging absence that I was just really depressed. Last Monday I was in a horrible mood and I think that as a result I was a bit of annoyance to my hubby and to my brother. Since then my mood and outlook has improved. For a good portion of the past few days I have been fairly down about things. I felt as though the weight of being unemployed was, not so much too much to bare, just draining. I like to be busy and although I have still not yet fully unpacked our items from the move, I was in no mood to do so. I have been really horrible about my sleeping habits as well. At present I’m extremely sleep deprived. I tend to go to sleep around 3 or 4am and have been waking getting up only after about 4 hours of sleep. The days, of course, have been running together. Although it’s Tuesday my body feels as though it’s much later in the week. And despite the nerves in my eyes hurting and the fact that I am having difficulties keeping my eyes open, I didn’t want for another day, or another moment to go by without updating my blog. I find comfort in writing, even if it’s about trivial things. However, I’m tired to the point of delirium and so this will have to be quick.

Yesterday, after less than four hours of sleep I got a call to come in for a job interview ASAP. That meant bolting out of bed and readying myself quickly. As I’ve never been a pro at doing makeup (I typically am completely makeup-free), I had to rush to do that as well. After recently buying a complete line of Clinique makeup I felt it was my duty to put it on. Later, my mother commented on how good it looked. So, I guess the rush job of applying makeup works best for me. Fortunately the job location was only 10 minutes from the house so within an hour of the phone call I was there and being interviewed. It was for a company that I’d applied to during one of my moments of utter low. However, I know that there was a method to the madness of it. I have a conditional offer to become a retail assistant store manager. I won’t get into the details of it until maybe a bit later. However, I will say that I had a very rude awakening regarding retail compensation rates. It’s been over 15 years since I last worked in that type of environment and I was shocked at the very low rate of pay. However, I see all things as great opportunities and we’ll simply see how it goes.

I mentioned how our suite still looks like it’s in need of some TLC. On that note I also purchase an older model Mac Mini to serve as a server. My brother turned me on to using Plex after he was told by his brother-in-law to do so. As a result I’ve finally decided to migrate all of my media files from my primary computer to the Mac Mini. I didn’t buy the server model but I’m confident I can get it to do what I need. The hard drive is over 1TB so that was a huge deal for me. Well, my eyes are literally crossing as I look at the screen so it’s time for me to go and at least take a nap. Unless I’m able to sleep straight through until tomorrow morning, I think it best that I simply take a nap to tide me over. And so for today’s poem, Purpose at 26. Wow, that girl seems almost like a stranger to me.

Oh, I totally forgot. My house sold yesterday. I went down to Eatonton for the closing and it’s all done. It felt a little odd but since the hubby and I have been gone from the house for two months, the feeling didn’t dampen my spirits too much. I was sad as I drove down the all too familiar roads I’d traveled for over 13 years, but I’m really enjoying living back in my “hometown” area. And while we really didn’t make anything on the sale, I was happy and blessed that it was off the market within a few days of me listing it. Now it’s just a matter of making some money so that I can feel like a productive member of society again!

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