For almost twelve hours straight Kenrick, my brother and I worked to unpack most of our boxes. I’m happy to report that the entire kitchen and living room is in order and all the boxes for our office and bathroom are now securely on the second floor. It is very strange living in a two-story house after almost a decade in a ranch. At least now the remainder of the unpacking is in one area. We still have to go back to Eatonton for one final trip but things are progressing very well.

My calf muscles and back are in so much pain. I’m going to sleep in tomorrow, err, today. Nothing much to report for today. It was nice to be in the mood to get things unpacked. The day before was a much lazy one and although I’d planned to simply unpack a few of the kitchen items, we were on a roll and I went with it. Until next time I’ll leave you with today’s poem, Marriage & Longing.

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