Counting It Down

In just a few hours we’ll be making what may be my last trip to the middle Georgia area. We’re going to pick up the last of our items in the house and to clean it in time for what we hope will be a smooth closing. We’re still awaiting the appraisal results which was conducted today and then it should be pretty much done. I am nervous about the house being sold. I really want for it to be done as I know that we can’t afford to carry the mortgage past this month. At least, not at all comfortably.

Yesterday was the first time that I became truly angered by the entire situation with my soon-to-be previous employer. I’m still happy with my decision to leave but am annoyed and hurt by the circumstances. What makes it even worse is that I’m still “on the payroll” and won’t be fully finished until this Saturday. At that point, that entire life will be gone to me. For the sake of my own sanity I won’t be continuing any further relationship with that part of my life. Well, I’m still going to keep my librarian license current but at this present moment there is no part of me that is interested in going back into libraries. It’s not a bad profession but library administration is a beast unto its own.

Tonight’s Super Bowl was fantastic. While the team I was pulling for didn’t win, the Seahawks made sure we all knew that they were leaving with the trophy and their rings. Watching it in our new home and on a 60-inch LED television set with surround sound didn’t hurt either. However, at its start I was foolishly trying to do some work. I gave further thought to the situation and decided that what I needed was to watch the game.

I was horribly sick for the past few days. In particular Friday was horrendous. It was nice that today was a good one and that I am truly on the mend. Thanks to the much-needed Z-pack and TLC from my husband, I am recovering at a pace that far exceeds my expectations. And despite how horrible I felt on Thursday night I was able to go for a second interview for a position the next day. My hubby, who’s also on the job hunt, was kind enough to offer to drive me to McDonough and waited in the car while I was being interviewed. The interview truly went well but I don’t think I’ll get the position. I’m not sad about it. I’m actually very happy with my being on the opposite side of the desk for a change. It’s been over a decade since being in this position and I was calm and relaxed. I always think that it’s best to not imagine the interviewer as being “better” than I am. We’re all just people and pretending to be someone who I’m not doesn’t do anyone any good. Of note, it was the first time that I did not at all mention my Jamaican heritage. Either way, the interviewer said that I was the first librarian she’s ever interviewed in her 18 years in her field. She was also more impressed with my sub-talents, IT. Specifically, she was intrigued by my implementation of Google Apps. She liked that I am resourceful and appreciate that as a librarian I’m eager to seek out information. I also “schooled” her on what it means to be a librarian in today’s world and what it’s like working in public libraries. The job would be in Griffin and would honestly be a frustrating drive but if it’s meant to be, it will be.

I can’t believe that things have changed this quickly. A month ago I had not planned to turn in my resignation, put my house up for sale and to relocate to Covington. However, here we are. I just keep rolling with the punches. I suppose that’s all we really can do. And somewhat appropriately for today’s poem, Material Trappings.

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