Marriage & Longing



I’ll give up the paper,
For a real love that is mine.
If I had another choice,
I’d go back in time.

I’d have invested this time,
In people and experience.
I’d have spent a lot less time,
In A’s and amassing degrees.

If I knew what I know,
I’d take it all back.
I’d have defied overbearing parents,
I’d fight to hang with the pack.

I would understand the jokes,
The nuance of youth.
I wouldn’t have married,
The first guy who was cute.

He showed me attention,
It went to my head.
And before I knew it,
He was first in my bed.

It all soon spiraled,
Out of control and despair.
He married me – forcefully,
But him name I would shed.

Maybe it’s not for me,
Love and the like.
Maybe what’s best,
Is to be solo through life.

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