The World Keeps on Spinning

The past two days have been filled with ups and downs. I think that is par for the course. I’ve been angry and agitated and just plain tired. I have used quite a bit of my sick leave worrying more about the job that I’m now leaving than on my own recovery. I’ve still been experiencing some discomfort from it all and I only wish that the stress of my current professional life going up in a blaze of glory was one less thing on my plate.

So, the good news is that on Sunday our realtor came over and we now have a for sale sign in the yard and a lockbox on our door. I anticipated things moving slowly given the economy. However, due to where we live and I assume because our home is immaculate, the two people who have seen the house wants it. One is a renter and the other a buyer. So I assume that by tomorrow or Monday we’ll have an offer on the house. It’s exciting. It’s sad. It’s so many things that I can’t fully express. Whenever I think about work I start to have a panic attack. I hate when I have to resort to pills to calm me down.

There is a lot to untangle at work. Over a decade’s worth of untangling. However, in the interim I am applying for jobs. Today was a marathon session. I am actually casting the net into Atlanta. I’m a little apprehensive about doing so because I have grown quite accustomed to no traffic and a peaceful drive to work. But, the big city certainly have some appeal. Although my hubby and I will be living with family for a while, depending on how things work out we may decide to move a little closer in to the metro area. Maybe.

Today’s poem is pretty brand new and my BFF helped me with the best line of the poem! I wrote this poem in November after being told that my ex-husband wanted to re-establish contact. It’s like they say, they’re exes for a reason and I am not at all interested in going down that rabbit hole. After all, It’s Too Late.

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