It’s Too Late



You’re finally sorry,
A decade too late.
What did you expect?
For me to sit here and wait?

Wait to be more,
Than the vows that we took?
Wait for your name,
To finally be shook?

I believed in our past,
Due to youth and inexperience.
My present and future,
More guided with purpose.

You left and I stayed,
In the same place you left me.
What did you expect,
For me to throw you a party?

You ruined all chance,
Of any reconciliation.
We were never just friends,
Just your first wife – once jaded.

I planned to have your children,
But that wasn’t in the stars.
In its place life’s successes,
In which you had no part of.

Thank God I didn’t need a kidney,
Or a small drop of water.
Because waiting around for you,
Would have killed me much faster.

Yes, I was intrigued,
At the thought of “I’m sorry.”
But it’s all now too late,
I need no apology.

Year one or year two,
Even seven or year eight.
But not this late in the game,
“Oh hellz no, you wait!”

Millennium bride,
Divorced much too soon.
I’m fine on my own,
I promise, and I thank you.

Thank you for turning,
Your back on your wife.
Thank you for deserting,
And giving me my life.

I shed so many tears,
All wasted on you.
But my brighter days came,
With the sun shining through.

I needed the experience,
But not all the pain.
I’m a much better person,
So much more sane.

You walked out on our life,
For much greener pastures.
Now leave me in peace,
Now give me my solace.

Creative Commons License

Behind Her Eyes courtesy of Lucie Otto-Bruc from