Happy 2014!!!

I didn’t want to begin the New Year without making a post. I’ve been meaning to write while out on Christmas Break and recovering from surgery but today was the first time in days where I wanted to be on the computer. So much so that I worked for 8 hours straight on tasks for work. I’m working on completely revising our Personnel Manual and as nerdy as it sounds, I was in bliss. Doing those sorts of things put me in my element. And so despite my really awful sleep schedule this week, I managed to get quite a bit done on no sleep. I woke up yesterday at around 2pm and so I decided to try and force myself to get back on a regular schedule by not going to sleep after ringing in the New Year. I don’t even know whether or not I’m even coherent at the moment.

Tomorrow is my first post-op appointment and despite earlier signs of relief, I think that maybe there has been a complication from surgery. I’m not stressing, at least, I’m trying not to. My hubby has been really great at taking care of me and keeping me in good spirits. Even though he’s been out of work now for about 2 months, I will say that I have truly enjoyed the time that we’ve spent together. The timing, if there is such a thing as good timing in being unemployed, it was just right.

We have $9 to our name. Yeh, I know that it sounds strange and I suppose maybe I’m being more open given the effects of the Oxycodone and other medication that is in my system. As I was saying, I have never in my entire life been as poor as I am in this very moment. And although there have been a few moments of feeling utter despair, I’m thankful. Today I sat down and paid the mini pile of “unexpected” bills that we’d amassed, medical bills. And even though I drained our emergency fund I am just happy that I was able to pay it and that all of our regular bills for this month are taken care of. I’m not sure if I’ve previously mentioned it but I am fantastic with making and adhering to budgets. So, with all bills paid and grocery and gas money loaded on their respective Wal-Mart store cards, I’m just happy that there was just enough. Granted that there is almost $2,000 in medical bills in the pipeline, I’m confident that we’ll make it through.

I must admit that I do dream about winning the lottery more frequently. I always say, I’m not even all that interested in winning a huge pot. $500K and I’d be able to pay off all our bills including student loans and the house. Is that too much to ask for? Although I don’t play it’s a weekly ritual for K so we do have a minuscule shot at it!

So, now that I’ve been awake for over 24 hours and with my appointment tomorrow and more work to do, I’ll call it a night. Tonight’s poem is one I wrote several years ago when our library funding was at risk of being cut. I chuckle a little now because in recent years it’s become an expected yearly experience. However, back in 2008 we didn’t want to Imagine what it would’ve been like to have our budget cut. Oh, how wonderful it’d be to have the funding we did in 2008. All the same, despite my recent work stresses (I could go on and on about them), I still love what I do and appreciate the fact that I’ve been there for over 12 years.

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