Imagine our library with no new books on its shelves,
All because of political cards that are dealt.
Computers and access, a luxury no more,
No more children anxiously waiting at our doors.

Imagine if the informational center was to disappear,
Where would one go when questions are near?
When ‘show me the money’ is our dire plead,
But no one is there to answer our need.

Imagine a time when our doors would be closed,
Only to open with far less in store.
Less staff, less resources, less programs that reach,
Who will be left, who can we teach?

Imagine a library with five feeble hands,
The rest of the cadre cut by the plans.
When today and tomorrow is all but a dream,
When our best is the past and the future is bleak.

Imagine a place, suppressing its being,
Imagine a place that is struggling for meaning.
Imagine a place where the library is gone,
Our cultural pulse now quieted down.

Imagination is needed with seventy years in our past,
Seventy-one now uncertain, what is our chance?
A library is more than the books on its shelves,
A library is home, a sense of being, a place of wealth.

Creative Commons License

Mary Vinson Memorial Library, image courtesy of NJ McGill Trammell