It’s My Profession

Just a few months ago I was really seriously considering changing profession. I’m in so many ways the opposite of what the stereotype is. Granted, the stereotype of what it is to be a librarian is very different from what it used to be. I’m not as well-read as many of my counterparts. Despite my love of reading as a child, I became less interested in my 20s and it wasn’t until fairly recently that I’ve begun reading again. I’m much more interested in the administrative back-end of libraries. It’s like any other business. However, I do believe that our purpose is still much more pure than a regular business. At the end of the day I feel that my job is to facilitate our library’s mission, to improve and enhance the educational, cultural, and recreational lives of the communities served.

I honestly didn’t think that I would end up being a card toting certified librarian. I had hoped to blaze a trail in broadcast journalism. But I was love about being a Georgia Librarian is that like any other job there are so many wonderful nuances. Being a librarian is really not at all what it may seem and my librarianship is different from that of even my BFF/boss. I take pride in what it is that I do. There is so much that we as profession have had to overcome but there is also still so much more on the horizon. Libraries are so much more than books and working in libraries is the same. When I started off as a Children’s Page (shelver) in 2001 I had no idea that over a decade later I would not only be working for the same library but that I would devote so much of myself and my life to championing its vital importance.

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