Falling Behind

I don’t want for another day to pass without posting. The past few days, maybe even a week, I’ve had a lot going on. In addition to doing the 24-Day Challenge I’ve also had to deal with some personal medical issues. I’m not at all sure why it seems that the winter months are always my worst but I do my best to soldier on. The thing about my medical stuff, consciously I don’t give it much thought. No matter what procedure or diagnosis I simply say, that’s life. I really wish that I could be that way about more things in my life. However, I think that my OCD prevents it.

I wanted to post today’s poem before I retreat into the world of homework for the day. So, I’m doing my personal post and then will spend the rest of Sunday working on homework. Since deciding finally and again that this would be my last semester in academia I’ve certainly been second guessing myself. The truth is, if I didn’t have to pay for school I’d probably finish what would have been my sixth degree. But, there are a number of personal and professional projects that I need to do and that I’m excited about that necessitate me no longer doing classes. Even now, as this semester nears its conclusion, my mind is beyond the material. I’m glad that it’s at its end as I am ready to move on.

Today’s poem is one that I didn’t necessarily write about any particular person. However, given the poem’s composition date I do know that I was influenced by a guy. Of course. It’s about me, where I was at that point in time. Fantasy is about how tired I was of life, how frustrated I was in love and just how unhappy I was. I know that we sometime feel as though nothing is going right in our lives and question why we’re here and why we must shoulder the heartache of living. But I assure you, things do get better.

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