Georgia Librarian



Does it take us closing libraries?
Does it take us burning books?
Rather say goodbye to our profession,
All the studying it took.

Are we not like noble teachers?
Providing knowledge to the masses?
Underpaid and unappreciated,
A brand new normal must be started.

Take away our certification,
Say we’re old antiquity.
Strip away all validity,
Erase our entire beings.

I am just like any teacher,
Underpaid and overworked.
But unlike their strength in numbers,
A quasi-entity is where I work.

Like a third wheel in revered company,
With books laden in my hand,
Computer questions whizzing,
A stack of requests mounting where I stand.

Do we take it laying down?
Or do we fight for what is right?
Close the last true community center,
And tell the librarians to die.

Creative Commons License

Photo courtesy of LaToya Davidson