200 Posts Later

Can you believe it? I can barely believe it myself. The last time I made a post was August 2015. It’s been over 5 months! Sure, I could say that it is because I didn’t have anything to say but it was really a number of things that has caused me to stop writing. There have been many times since then that I thought that I’d even forgotten how to write. For months, I hemmed and hawed about what I was going to do with my blog. I pay for hosting and thought about moving my blog once my yearly WordPress.com subscription ended. The hope was to expand my writing and use plugins that I could not use through WordPress.com. However, I allowed myself to talk myself into circles and, as a result, stopped writing. I just kept putting it off. You know, tomorrow being another day and all. Even my writing for the newspaper fell off. At the moment, I’m not sure whether or not that’s something that I will be able to continue. But like most things, I’m just going to take it one day at a time.

Last night I spoke to a client of mine who has in many ways become a bit of an accountability partner. We check out daily and run down a list of things that we’d like to be held accountable for. They range from being productive to exercising. We’d gone over a month (maybe two) without doing our checkouts. During that time, we both started to regress. Like a muscle needing exercise, we’d started to slip back into old habits that did little to inspire us to be our better selves. I didn’t realize just how much I needed that. And so, here I am. Again. I’ve paid for my WordPress subscription so that I can have some much-needed aesthetic control of my blog, and I’m writing again. Last week I wrote two new poems which I’ll post at a later time. It’s an accomplishment that I feared would not happen. Referring back to a muscle needing exercise, certain parts of my brain have been off for some time. I couldn’t tell you the last book that I’ve read and as is evident by the lack of frequency in my blog posts, I’ve not been nourishing my mind through writing.

And so here it is, the wee hours of the morning and I could not sleep. Sure, it likely has something to do with the antibiotics that I’ve been taking since my recent sore throat, but I also knew that it was because I’ve missed this. I’ve missed the release I feel when writing. It is even sweeter now that my husband and I have a place of our own. Again, baby steps. I’m confident that now that I have dusted off my blog there’ll be more to reveal and digest. My writing is as much for you as it is for me.

With all that said I finally feel enough at peace to crawl back into bed alongside my hubby. Before I know it we’ll be sleeping comfortably in CPAP unison.

2 thoughts on “200 Posts Later

  1. Happy New Year, dear Latoya! I hope it’s not too late to greet. I consider myself the laziest one among the bloggers I read and follow. But you’ve outdone me too! Hehehe
    That apart, I am not sure if this blog serves as a business tool for you. In that case, I would recommend using a paid subscription. Else, it is always nice to have a basic, free version. Just thinking.

    How have you been? I hope life is treating you well.
    Have a nice day!

    1. Happy New Year to you, Manu! Yes, I definitely take the crown when it comes to laziest writer. This blog is for personal purposes and I actually use it far more than I do my business blog. In the end I just went ahead and paid again for the yearly subscription. Even though I do pay for hosting services I think that I much prefer being able to just not think about updates or anything else with this blog. I already have to maintain some others for my clients so having something that requires no extra work on my part is what I need. At the end of the day it’s just easier this way. I’ve been well. I am truly blessed and I am so appreciative of you taking the time to comment!

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