Right now as I, in a lazy frenzy, write two blogs at once, have only had a total of 8 hours of sleep since…I’ve lost track of days. I think that Sunday was the last night that I went to bed at a decent time. Since then I have been immersed in work. I’ve been in the zone and when that happens I often sacrifice sleep and even time with my hubby just to do work on the computer. Over the past week or so I’ve picked up several projects/jobs on Elance. It has been exciting, overwhelming and encouraging. But I do know that I need to find the right balance because otherwise I’ll burnout. I’ve been working a lot but am still not earning as much as I’d hoped. However, I’m not giving up hope. I have a few longer term projects that will at least help in paying bills. Living with my brother has been a true blessing while I reinvent myself. As many of you know, reinvention often involves being broke for some time.

My current projects include writing policies and procedures and creating workflow for a group, working as a personal assistant for two clients and as of today I picked up a voiceover job. Earlier this week, my first day where I actually earned a “salary” for the entirety of the day, my husband pushed me over the edge. On a high from the excitement of doing what I love and earning some money, I distractedly told my husband to buy something for himself at the store. I’d had some reward dollars and knew that I didn’t need to go and spend money on clothes I’d likely never wear. I gave the coupon on the last day it could be used. By the time he got home he’d not only spent the equivalent in what I’d earned that day, he also did the one thing I always nag him about, he went and picked out clothes and bought it based on the size that it said on the tag and didn’t bother trying it. I cringe to think about how many of the items can’t actually fit because inevitably there is going to be several pieces.

Tomorrow is a very big day for the hubby whom I still dearly love despite his frequent moments of crazy. He becomes an American citizen. Yes, my fifty year old husband will get to enjoy the rights and privileges of being a citizen. Most of my immediate family members are immigrants yet the excitement is not lost on me, one of the younger American-born generation.

Considering how exhausted I am I can’t believe that I’m still awake. There’s something about it that when my body is screaming to go to bed, my mind feels that it must rage on. In light of my newly acquired voiceover job I have taken that opportunity to add a meeting scheduler to my website as well as a new “other services” page which includes my voiceover rates and “writer for hire” rates. And since I started working on my business blog post when I started this one (I plan to post to my business blog at least once a week), it’s time for me to wrap this up, get that done, and then go to bed. I’m taking tomorrow off…at least, that’s my plan. That means I get to sleep in late and get some much-needed rest. Enjoy today’s poem, What Do You Say?

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