I Should be a Writer

So maybe I am already a writer. I certainly seem to do it quite a lot. Today I have already written two newspaper articles and am now on my second blog post. All total I believe I’ve written over 3,000 words. I found it to be a relatively easy feat due to my interest in what I was writing. I do feel that I often don’t really have a great deal to say and am disappointed most in my fleeting imagination. I have been wanting to pen a novel for quite some time but I can’t just do it. I think that I have an interesting premise but then allow myself to feel overwhelmed and inadequate when I actually begin writing. The only thing I feel I can write somewhat freely is poetry and even then I have to be in a certain mood.

I figure I was on a roll and wanted to take advantage of it by posting to my blog. It has been a very interesting past few days. I have had a lot of highs and lows due to my business not yet taking on the life that I hoped it would. The stress and unhappiness of it all has spilled into my marriage. You know what they say regarding the things that can strain any marriage. Yep, my hubby and I have been at odds the past few days. Last night, although we slept in the same bed, we couldn’t be more farther apart. I know that times can’t always be great. But I also realize that we’re supposed to be each other’s closest ally. It’s awful when your closest ally becomes your biggest enemy. I know that we’ll be okay and even now we’ve cooled a bit, but it is horrible to take for granted this type of relationship.

I’ve managed complete the entirety of my to-do list for the day and even work a little bit ahead. All this despite not going to sleep until 3am and waking up around 11:30am. I also had a Skype interview for a possible Elance job. I was among the four finalists. I was very proud of that and should find out if I got it tomorrow. Even if I don’t, I’m doing all I can to be optimistic. Outside of making about $300 this month, I know that I have to remain in a positive mindset and simply continue to be willing to put in some grueling hours and very hard work. I am so blessed. I know that I am. Even without the money I have been blessed in having a long-running print newspaper column, a business, living close to family, a terrific husband, a cool BFF and the aptitude to do whatever I set my mind to (except for CSS, but that’s because I’m too busy to learn it in the way that I should). So really, outside of simply wishing I had more money the only things I wish for is having more time to read, finding a really great novel to write and being less fat!

Now on to today’s poem. I can’t believe that after this I have four more to share! I have one that I’ve written for my mother’s birthday in August so although it’s on my list of poems, it’ll have to wait. I also have three more poems that I started writing this month but haven’t finished. I’m in awe of just how many I’ve penned over the years, especially for me not considering myself a “real” writer. Better yet, I’m certainly not making money off of my writing. However, in the coming weeks I just might! Oh, yes, today’s poem is Well Wishes. It is, not surprisingly, the one man whom I still consider my kryptonite.

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