Busily Wrapping Up the Week

Now seems like as a good a time as any to post. If I wait for the perfect moment, well, it too shall pass. This week has been a bit of a whirlwind at moments. I’m fully entrenched in business and personal task. I have been working almost wholly on a project for a client from Pakistan. It has been great at fueling and feeding my love of coming up with procedures, policies and workflow. It is a project that started as one thing but has evolved into something else entirely. Then I’m also prepping for my upcoming independent contractor job that I’m hoping will at least provide me with more financial stability. Now that I’m working from home full-time I need to bring in $1,000 to $2,000 per month in order to make it viable in the long-term. Then too I may find myself back in the regular workforce soon and will again be working on my business on the side. Either way, it has been a very fruitful week with a number of leads and I am blessed.

Yesterday I went to court in order to have my name legally changed. Needless to say that’s an ordeal that I will be chronicling in an article for the newspaper. It will of course be available on my professional writing blog, LaToya on UR. Needless to say, yesterday was spent on the road going to court, the DDS (formerly, DMV) and the Social Security office. By the day’s end I was legally acknowledged by my now chosen last name, Davidson-Perez. I went through the tireless back and forth originally deciding to simply keep my last name when I got married in 2012 but now feel as I get older (yes, I know, it’s only been two years) that I am annoyed with being called Mrs. Davidson. That’s my mom!

This weekend will be filled with me finishing up my big project with overseas client and in still trying to finish unpacking from our move at the end of January. I know, really, it’s ridiculous. I had an AT&T technician come in to set up U-verse Internet service for my business use. Although there were portions of our two-room suite that was immaculate, there were portions that still has stacks. Oh, and of course there is the stack of boxes of items that were in the hallway that’s been parked there for some time. It contains the many items we are planning on donating to Goodwill but that I have not yet fully itemized in Turbo Tax’s It’s Deductible software. I like to be very detailed and organized and until then there are three very distinct “needs attention” piles. If my brother wasn’t as tolerable as he is I’m sure he’d follow through on his playful threats of throwing all the stuff outside.

Today I’m in a pleasant mood. This is in part due to a really great and much appreciated “shout out” on a blog that I follow, Work at Home Wisdom. In it Christen states…

A sweet and talented young woman, LaToya M. Davidson Perez, with a blog of the same name, nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I suggest you check LaToya out. She is really a smart and interesting person with a way with words. She is highly accomplished and educated with several degrees but has decided to pursue work from home. Her poetry is great, she has written a book, hosts podcasts, and so much more. Her biography alone is a great read!

Yeh, I know, I was pretty blown away. Being the hermit that I am any positive affirmation is great! I also am close to closing on a consistent paid writing job. I like to write but I have never really considered myself a real writer. I do enjoy it but I feel a bit self-deprecative about it all. I think that I’m not as well-read as I should be in order to consider myself to be a good writer. I’m of the thought that writing is an extension of reading and that you hone your craft by being influenced in many ways by others. For example, I’ve said before that I consider my BFF, Barry Reese, to be a real writer. I know that I should take myself more seriously. I know that I’m both a book and newspaper published writer but… Ah, well, as long as I enjoy it and that there are at least a few people reading my work, I’m okay with it.

So, that’s it for at least a few days. With my deadline for my Pakistan project now formalized, tomorrow at 10:30am, I need to put all my energy into that. What it also means is that I’ll have to hold off on posting to my business blog until I wrap it up. Toady’s poem is new to you. Even though I wrote it a few years ago I’ve never put it out there publicly. When re-reading it I realize just how accurately it expresses how I felt about that time. It brought me back to that place in my mind… I was sure to linger in those Two Days and promptly exited.

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