Two Days



I am unaccustomed to the feeling,
As you joked at my bulging eyes.
You tickled me quite playfully,
You extended to me you arm.

Comfortably naked you paraded,
Straight from the pot you chose to eat.
Closely you had held me,
Relaxed, you warmed my cold feet.

I looked at you quite handsome,
So real you seemed to be.
Not uncomfortable or faking,
Our time to me was real.

Reminded of a long lost time,
When domestic tranquility awaited.
In your company I felt the warmth,
Unashamed of being shaded.

Quite close to near perfection,
My journey worth the drive.
I long to extend the moment,
Weekend bliss and our two days revived.

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Perfect Day, courtesy of Steven Guzzardi from