A Day Like Most Others

In the interest of being more productive I’m blogging today so that I won’t forget to do so later. Last night, once I was finally able to go to sleep, I slept from around three hours prior to my hubby returning home from work. I was then up for a few hours and went to sleep for another six hours. I’m still feeling a bit tired since my sleep schedule is off but I’m at least a bit more rested. I’m also still keeping my employment options open. While I will likely start working the retail management job that I was offered next week, I am holding out hope that I will also pick up some things via Elance so that I can earn some cash by doing some work-from-home opportunities. Ideally I’d like to work entirely from home but I know that there is a lot that goes into that. And although I’ve done a lot of the legwork and have a fully equipped office, it may not be something that I can do as my primary job. So if any of you out there needs a personal/virtual assistant, please let me know! If I could stay home and work full-time for at least $20/hr. I’d be quite happy.

My former house, wow, that’s strange to say, it’s now sold and everything has been paid for. As I mentioned yesterday, we didn’t really make much on the sale. We basically broke even. And while I’m happy that it’s done, I do wish I was able to make enough to pay down and pay off some bills. However, it’s just enough to carry us for about a month. So, me starting a job quickly is the utmost priority at present. While I am still at home I am planning on doing some other online activities such as culling my social network connections. More specifically, I plan on trimming my Facebook friends list as well as decide which, if any, professional affiliations I will maintain. In anticipation of starting back to work next week I have a list of tasks I’d like to complete at home so that I don’t feel as though I’m overwhelmed in any one area of my life. However, today I think that I’m going to try to get some additional sleep so that I can get myself in a position to be more productive as a whole.

Well, it’s off to get some additional rest. I think I’ll curl up in bed and do some leisure reading for a while and then take a still much-needed nap. Until next time, be sure to check out today’s poem, Push.

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