Material Trappings



A picture of perfection, now showing some cracks,
Unable to withstand life’s persistent attacks.
To have everything and nothing within my hands,
Nothing slowly winning like sinking sands.

Crippling anxiety in my glass house,
Positive my smile now only leaves doubts.
My house no home, my solitude no refuge,
Alone I sit, alone I’m deluged.

The tears keep coming sporadic but fierce,
My blood now boiling, my heart now pierced.
Tossing and turning, shouting out loud,
Please quiet the inadequacies that I have now found.

So much of what people supposedly want,
But nothing that comforts my yearning heart.
On the surface life’s good with luxuries and success,
But unwrap the package and see what you get.

A jumble of emotion, a past with grave scars,
A girl who see nothing, nothing in the stars.
What happens tomorrow is likely the same,
Walking through life but only in vain.

I appear to have everything, and should be contented,
But I wish for the life that my heart has lamented.
Rewind the clock, and let me relive,
The true reality that I was supposed to live.

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Bad Business Plan, courtesy of Eric Hacke from