We’ve Moved

So after hours of moving and days of stressing, we’ve moved. Well, we’re not 100% finished but we are about 80% complete. Thanks to my wonderful husband, brother and father we are now officially in Covington. We put in our permanent address change with the post office and Kenrick saw when they stuck a handwritten “vacant” sign inside our mailbox. I still have to change our address with everything but at least I started.

Maybe it’s weird but we are both happy about moving in with my brother. He has the space and our room now is actually much larger than the master bedroom in our house. What’s really great is that we’re only minutes away from our parents. We plan to have many dinners together. That started last night and we already have plans for tonight’s meal.

The house, our house, it’s still a bit of a mess and there is still stuff for us to move out but we’ve made a great deal of progress and we’re settling in nicely. Sure, sharing with my brother may seem odd to some but it certainly helps that we are both fond of each other. I suppose time will tell if we drive each other completely crazy. I’ve told him that my plan is to tack over the house. For now he’s keeping me in check.

So for now I’m nestled in bed with the hubby. He’s achy but is now fast asleep. He’s truly been great throughout all of this. I’m just glad that despite a lot of craziness there’s still a place of complete calm. He’s that force for me. I don’t take that for granted because I know that we have to treasure every good thing that life gives us as there can often seem like so much crap.

Today’s Poem of the Day is Lesson Learned. It’s the usual thing, loving someone who doesn’t love you. We all go through it. Looking back on it now there is a better understanding and even an appreciation of the experience. But I’m also so glad that that period is over. It made me a stronger person. Sure, I felt like I had to go through hell but I’m on the other side. It’s much better here.

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