A Bit Topsy Turvy

The past few days have been a little crazy. I’ve not been able to stick as diligently to my daily posting schedule as I’d like. However, I’m hanging in there. Yesterday, as it’s now 1am. Sigh. Yesterday I had to go to the doctor due to a persistent medical issue and despite not feeling stressed about the visit itself, I know that subconsciously I was not myself. My moods have been really crazy as a result. Regardless, I’m hanging in there. School, yes, still in classes, it’s coming along. While I was able to work ahead in one class I’m technically behind in another. Given my decision to stop taking classes after this semester I’m simply trying to find that last burst of energy and drive to earn A’s in the courses and more than likely call an end to my academic career.

The poem, Fairytale is rather short. I believe I wrote it some time in 2007 and it is about what I would have to think at this point, certainly given the number of poems I’ve written about him, was, next to my husband, my greatest love. At least, that’s how it’s billed in my mind. In fact, the vast majority of my poems are about him. We’re almost at the point where we’re at the poem that bares his name. Anyway, this is another “first time published” poems. It only has three stanzas and as it says in the title, I had hoped to have had my fairytale ending with him. In retrospect, I’m really glad things turned out as they had because now I’m with the person I am meant to be with.

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