A Window to the Past

I realize that I wrote a lot regarding the person who’s in reference in Face Value. I truly loved him. I think that we all need that one big disappointing love. At least, people like me who clearly love writing darker poems. I re-read these poems and I’m instantly taken back. Fortunately there’s not the pang of it all. I can look back now and appreciate it for what it was and am able to look back at that girl who wrote them and admire the foresight in putting it all on paper. I don’t want to forget where I came from, the experiences that make up who I am today. It’s important for us to express the way we feel during various points in our lives. It reminds us, upon reflection, that things do get better. It puts everything into perspective, really. The person I was six years ago seems like someone I may have known a decade before. I only hope that at some point I will be able to write about other things, other less depressing things. Until then, I’ll enjoy looking back at the person I was through the eyes of a much wiser LaToya.

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