Face Value

Face Value


I need to stop assuming,
I need to realize,
That all my tears and crying,
Means nothing in your eyes.

I care about you deeply,
My second time at bat,
And struck out I did repeatedly,
And cracked it with a whack.

A muse of pain and sorry,
Is what you really are,
My heart you held so shallow,
And now we stand so far.

I waited for your honesty,
I waited for your care,
I waited for your time,
And waiting began to wear.

Movies are just movies,
And fairy tales untrue,
My total adoration,
Was somehow misconstrued.

I know that I’m not perfect,
I realize I’ve changed,
But I thought that when you touched me,
The true me still remained.

You know me like no other,
So rejection at the door,
The luster by now vanished,
Nothing left in store.

It’s hard to swallow life’s jagged pill,
And ever be the same,
It’s hard not to do so,
And re-emerge unchanged.

Your pain I confused for passion,
Your coldness I did for hope,
Excuses always looming,
How could I not choke?

I need to stop assuming,
I need to realize,
That my heart and mind can be fooled,
With everything on the line.

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Love Hurts courtesy of Rich Clark Images from Flickr.com.