Full Circle

I came very close to not posting at all tonight. It was a very long day. Between work and shopping with the hubby, and getting irritated with the hubby I am quite exhausted. However, as I wait for the full effects of my nightly pill regime as well as the SleepyTime tea to kick in I willed myself into typing up yet another previously unpublished poem and am making a quick post.

When I say Full Circle I refer to the poem, Dying. No, I don’t feel like dying but I will say that when I re-read the poem as I typed it up I thought that some of the things I felt then, over two years ago I still feel now. Although there was a great deal more turmoil then I still struggle with money problems (don’t we all?) and concerns regarding my health. I’m still very grateful for the life that I have and its many blessings but there are times when you’re just really tired.

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