Where Has the Time Gone

I was a little reluctant to post. I have been reserving my current posts to reflection on my poems. However, I have been itching to write more. I wish that that itch would spread to the novella I am writing. Pardon my lack of use of contractions. You would be surprised how often we use them. However, I am using my bluetooth keyboard on my iPad Mini and surprisingly it is a common feature to have the apostrophe hidden away as if it was an uncommon key. Thus, you have to press the function button plus the L-key. I am not doing that. Seriously, considering how great it is that my fingers are small enough to proficiently use this keyboard as if it is a full size keyboard, I will just make due with no contractions.

It has been stressful for me recently. My day job has on many occasions recently caused me to become very stressed. I can handle it but I assure you that I do not do so without making a fuss about it. If it mattered to me at this point to change that about myself, that would have been the case over the past few weeks. However, it is not something that I am thinking about now. We often become so overly concerned about always being polite or gracious and in trying to do so we only cause ourselves more stress. Do not get me wrong, common courtesies should not be ignored, but just do not expect me to always be in a great mood.

Today has been spent with me doing nothing that I planned. On the one hand, we are closer to reopening our branch facility, the details of the ordeal I will spare you, on the other, it has just been a very stressful time. I am presently working on my sixth college degree. It is something that my best friend tried to dissuade me from doing and had almost succeeded until I again started taking classes. Do not get me wrong, my BFF always has my best interests at heart (I think) and so he suggested that I simply find other ways to do my continuing education. I think that I am now forced to agree with him. There is a lot that I know that I have learned outside of the classroom. It was my hope that in going back I could use it as a way to force myself to take the time to learn more and freshen up on some of my existing skills. I have already sunk over $2,000 on this endeavor and I can not say that it has been worth the expense.

I am very torn. I am also at a point where I am a little confused about my life. Hormonally things have been off for a few months and so at times it is a little difficult to discern what I am really feeling and if I should be paying attention to. I am so very thankful for my family and friends and so in lieu of a poem tonight I think that I’m going to take a much needed respite with my husband. Life has a way of reminding you of its unpredictability. Due to that unpredictability I must sign off for tonight.

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