He Came Back

I’d almost forgotten about this poem. I haven’t read it since I wrote it two years ago. It’s also the first time I’ve published it. I wrote this when Kenrick and I broke up. I originally thought that we were going to be married in a few days, 11/11/11. Instead, I was dealing with a breakup. It was heart-wrenching. I would spend my 31st birthday as well as Christmas and the New Year with a broken heart. He wasn’t ready. He moved away for about 5 months. We managed to rekindle our relationship long distance and within 3 months we were back together and planning on walking down the aisle. That of course happened in 2012. For the life of me I’m horrible about remembering the actual date, originally I thought we’d marry on 12/12/12 but we decided that there was no reason to wait. So now, I just know we married in September 2012. Bad, I know.

Our breakup was one of those situations where he needed to leave in order to see what he was truly missing. I hated having to deal with all the heartache but if it needed to happen, then it needed to happen. When we broke up and he left I found out later that he would call my parents to make sure that I was okay. Apparently he was heartbroken too and would soon realize he couldn’t live without me. Yeh, I know, I’m pretty amazing. So, Don’t Say It’s Over because sometimes it’s not.

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