Don’t Say That It’s Over



Our home is now broken,
I held on too long.
I love you entirely,
I tried to be strong.

The very same story,
Girl loves boy and boy don’t.
My entire life savings,
Gone up in smoke.

You care for me,
You love me.
But more like a friend,
Occasional benefits – not in the end.

I should have known better,
Actually I did.
My eyes were wide open,
And my heart plunged right in.

I ignored all the signs,
Like you saying to stop.
Don’t love so deeply,
You’ll lose all you’ve got.

I could see us years later,
Us both by each other’s side.
A figment of my imagination,
That felt good for a while.

We hung in there strongly,
One year five months in.
But not any longer,
Our story ends still.

No happy ending,
No name change to boot.
Just debt and untangling,
And my heart broken in two.

I wish I’d known earlier,
It’d stop all the pain.
Should never have gone to coffee,
The delay should’ve remained.

Love is unfortunate,
To those who do feel it.
When the one that they love,
Can’t love as you need it.

Same old story,
Same old lies.
Same old telling myself,
That this is the last time.

I wished that you loved me,
I wish that you knew.
That loving you deeply,
Would cause me to lose.

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Ventana al cielo, courtesy of Dando Una Vuelta from