Nobody Loves You Like I Do

There are a number of poems I’ve written about this specific person. We’ve not yet made it to his named poem but I had loved this person since I was 19. He was completely wrong for me. He was the stereotypical bad boy. He drank, did drugs…I thought he was so deep, so misunderstood. I thought that I could fix him, that he would change for me. I enjoyed his company and disturbingly loved that I was the one he called in the wee hours of the morning, usually quite drunk. I was young, inexperienced and I suppose I just watched too much television or bought into the fairytale. What I do know is that I truly loved him. Unhealthy or misguided as it was, I did truly and deeply love him and I still have love for him even now. He’s no longer in my life but he was a big part of my past and there he will forever be. And in that way, he played a Cameo.

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