You saw me at my weakest,
You saw me in despair.
And yet the arms to hold me,
They truly did not care.

I opened my heart,
I closed my eyes.
Eyes wide open,
I let you inside.

I thought that I could trust you,
And did so I did try.
You would have none of it,
You pushed me outside.

I loved you as my dear friend,
I believed deep down inside.
That the cold-hearted monster so buried,
Never would arise.

The emptiness inside your heart,
The coldness in your touch.
The torment that you put me through,
Has caused me such a fuss.

I think of you quite often,
At times I manage to smile.
We did share in a moment,
Just you and broken I.

Creative Commons License

Cameo Record 1922, courtesy of Julien K. Cole from

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