I’m an Apple

I must admit, as I watched the Apple Special Event I thought that it was as close as I’ve gotten to a cult-like experience in several years having long foregone the Sunday morning Christian rituals. I didn’t know how long the video was to be but I found myself so mesmerized that I didn’t care. Nothing else in the world mattered, everything else ceased. Even when Kenrick text me to tell me he was getting off early (we had carpooled) I had him wait because I wasn’t going to be pulled away from my main man, Steve Jobs.

Steve was visibly frail, his clothing hung unflatteringly on his body. But none of that mattered as you could tell he was going to spin his web and trap you in it. When you love someone, or in this case, when you love the ideology that is Apple, all you see is what you want to see, perfection. Let’s for a second ignore how in one giant swoop Apple is assisting in killing off some existing technology (flash drives, CDs) and affiliates (.com partnerships), I dutifully walked away from viewing the presentation wanting to integrate Apple more into my life. Can it be implanted into my brain?! While I’m still not fully sold on Apple Tv, I am salivating at next month’s release of iOS5. This beauty will allow for, among other things, SMS/MMS using your iPad. It’ll even let you know if the message was received and if it was viewed. With some additional upgrades to existing features, it’ll be worth the month wait. I’m thrilled that my now uncool (per CNET) iPhone 3GS will get the update. I’m still waiting to upgrade and will do so on schedule (I do every other release) when iPhone 5 debuts.

The new OS X Lion seems pretty cool. How could it not?! The notion of never having to save won’t be difficult for those who depend on auto save but Apple being Apple takes it much further by telling you not to save AND in integrating a Time Machine-like way of accessing ALL your versions of a document/file they make the act of the user saving virtually obsolete. Steve’s mantra, “It just works” was playing over and over in my head like a chant. “Yes, almighty Steve, I will buy it.” My mouth dropped when they revealed that the new OS will cost a mere $29.99. What this means for me is that I can actually purchase a copy for myself if I wanted to instead of getting upgraded (legally, of course) through work. I see it as the Apple spin on the Microsoft model, get the product into as many hands as possible by providing an offer virtually impossible to refuse. I know I can’t and won’t refuse. I want to be assimilated!!!

I think that I’m most excited about iCloud. I literally wanted to wet myself (due in part to the large quantity of Vanilla Coke I’d been drinking) when this more useful and feature-packed rebranding of MobileMe was announced. I, being as devoted as I am to Apple, had been paying the nonsensical $99/yr. for the unnecessary and essentially useless service. And even though Steve essentially said as much about MobileMe, I was not angered by having paid a total of over $400 for the service. I’d like to think that what amounts to be fractions of a cent in the Apple coffers were still my small donation (or tithes) to the church of Apple. The new iCloud will make all my Apple devices (iPod excluded) truly act as one. Actually it’s more like components of it will. However, it will do it without my intervention AND will do it for FREE!

The core products of what was MobileMe, Mail, Contacts, and Calendar have been updated. Mail has clearly taken some ideas from Gmail, namely Conversations. However, as is the Apple way, they’ve made it aesthetically and functionally better. Contacts will sync across all devices without intervention and there’s now Calendar sharing. I may be tempted to start using iCal and their Mail program. And let me not forget to also mention that you’ll be able to access and sync all your documents without manually having to do so. Plus you’ll get 5GB of storage space for free. And this doesn’t even include photos OR music storage limits. Yes, Steve saved the best for last. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, and as I waited, having long dreamed for the final announcement, it happened. Like a climax of epic proportions Steve allowed the words to tantalizingly roll of his tongue, iTunes Match. Just the very thought of it gets me nervous, anxious, beyond words. The one thing I’d long wished you could do with iTunes you’ll be able to. You will have access to your entire music collection from all your devices without syncing. And, oh wait, I’d even forgotten, with the new iOS5 you won’t need to sync with a computer for anything, all you could want or need on your device will be delivered to you wirelessly! iCloud syncs and backups for you!!! Squeal!!! Back to music, for $24.99 per year, no I didn’t stutter, you can access your entire music collection, even those items not purchased via the iTunes store from any of your devices. Yes, finally, I don’t have to be concerned about the massive amount of space my library takes up. I’m ready to pay my money today! I’ll be looking into the beta version of iTunes in the iCloud within hours.

All I can say is that 6/6 was an incredible day for the computer technology industry and as usual, Apple was ushering it in. Now all I need is to have these devices surgically attached and the assimilation will be complete. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was also in the works! If you’re not already using Apple products, well, you’re making life more difficult than it needs to be. The assured heat that will come as July is ushered in will mean nothing as the cool satisfying rain/reign of Apple makes July the best month of 2011.

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