OCD Tendancies Satisfied

I’m happy to report that due to another Facebook friend having similar problems as I with his iTunes library I’ve now purchased a plugin that will organze my entire library with ease. I’m such a geek when it comes to these things but I’ve already started doing my organizing and cleanup using TuneUp and I’m happy. There’s also another program, Rinse that is available. They both offer free trials so you can test them out which is certainly a good thing as it costs over $30 to purchase the full versions. While I certain groom some time today to look for keygens and other cracking methods to avoid paying, I was not ready to use a torrent or to register for another program. What I presently see as a downside to the program is that I’ll likely have less and less need for all its features. However, for now I’m in music bliss. It’s encouraged me to actively whittle down my 11,000+ music collection.

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