Death to Audacity

It must be the meds, my period, or a combination thereof, but while I should be really steaming over what happened today, I am not. I did tear up a bit but unlike my usual response I didn’t completely lose my cool. What happened? Well today’s hyped up podcast, In the Stacks with Barry & LaToya was truly legendary. However, if you weren’t there you wouldn’t know.

Only half the show was ultimately saved and thus listeners will only get to hear a small sample and lead up to what was a great episode. I hate that everyone will miss Jeopardy in the Stacks and the general discussion by the entire group. It was a full studio. We had Kenrick, Joel, Anthony, Elise, and Sasha as our guests and we were all whooping it up. There were several moments where I was uncontrollably laughing and when we all seemed to blush.

This isn’t the first time we have had issues with Audacity and in this case it also wasn’t the first time in recent weeks. It was frustrating as I was really proud of our product. The one thing that makes me not feel so bummed out about it is that the people I’d most want to share the experience with were there. You even get to hear on the recording my niece, Sasha in the background. Despite the Audacity snafu I’m glad that today’s show happened. I know that Joel has been going through a rough time and it was clear that today’s show helped to improve his spirits. To be quite honest, it improved mine. I’ve been a bit stressed and sometimes I feel like recording the show is a chore. Today was no chore and I can only hope that everyone who took part and who listens enjoys it.

As for Audacity, I really don’t know if we’ll continue to use the software. It’s sad that their main website is not the most aesthetically pleasing nor does it have the information you really want or need. However, when it comes to free recording software, many people recommend and use Audacity. It just saddens me that we’ve had these issues and that if I continue to use it that I have to be more conscientious in doing so.

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