It’s Been One of Those Days

I must say that it’s been one of those days. I feel as though it’s much later in the week than it actually is. Today is mine and Kenrick’s 11 month dating anniversary and it’s also the beginning of our Summer Reading Club. We have had a plethora of issues as the vast majority of staff have never been through the process.

This is hands down the busiest time of the year. I’m actually having a relatively good day considering the fact that I woke up at 5:45am and didn’t go back to sleep. Issues is my word of the week as it seems that there have been so many more than usual. Rowdy GMC students, software issues, etc. I hate when people say, don’t complain, at least you have a job. It’s much like flippantly saying, oh, well things happen for a reason. I mean you have to also feel for the person who is being pulled in a million directions as their hell and stress level is similar to that of someone seeking employ. It’s just a different circumstance. Of course I’m grateful that I have a job but there are moments (many and most) where I wish I could just be left alone. I’m really not a people person. I can fake it most days but I really enjoy my solitude.

Things have become increasingly more stressful as of late. I think that the incessant noise of the cicadas certainly hasn’t helped. I have medical and money issues on my mind and of course I can never turn my mind off from work. When I arrived home last night with a throbbing sinus headache and other issues on my mind Kenrick told me to leave them outside. I know he means well but in that moment I had daggers for him. Today I’m anxious. Despite not having had any coffee and even before drinking my sweet tea at lunch, I was wired. Is it the excitement of Summer Reading Club? I really don’t know. However, I was thinking, since I never read all the books I planned to last summer (or period), I could do those. Or, now that I’m really into The Game of Thrones series, maybe I’ll read that book. However, I’ve been told that those are long books and I’m kinda hoping to actually come closer to finishing the club this year. I take part every year but never finish. Hmm. Even without the prizes I do think it’s worth taking part.

I have about 10 more poems to post and then I’ll have put out everything I’ve written. No one has commented on any of them so I suppose I’m really the only one who’s interested. Actually, that seems to be the case in general. Even on my Facebook page, I’m friends with almost 400 people and there’s not much activity when I do post. There are some of my Facebook friends, I won’t mention names, who can sneeze and they’d have many people posting to their thread. Hmmm. It’s something to think about. I do like Facebook and I actually do like Twitter, but when people friend or follow you, it doesn’t mean they’re really all that interested. I try to be Facebook friends with people whom I will actually read what they post. However, there are also times where I feel like I have to be friends with people because they’re family or something even though I don’t really care to be. Maybe I’m being a bit of a snob but I wish that there was a Facebook hierarchy. I suppose it’s be a clique or something. But I wish you could have friend tiers and not just filters. So some friends would be Inner Circle or Acquaintances or something along those lines. I’d be find with something like My Facebook 50. Hmmm, now that’s another thought.

Well, I think I’ve had enough of a break for now. I must attempt to block out the not so soothing sounds of the cicadas and try and get back to work. The operative word being try of course.

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