Website Fixed

Thanks to the suggestion of Joel and based on Kenrick’s pick I’ve changed my Blogger theme in addition to having updated some of the items on the site. That happened last night. Today I followed my gut regarding the rss feed validity and not being able to add a podcast page in the manner that I wanted. The short version is that I created our original rss for iTunes which uses their own code. I had to change it standard code. And so I did and now all is well. I would prefer to have a bit more control over the date and time display but I’m more happy that I got the problem fixed.

Now it’s finally goodbye to iWeb. I LOVE the software but don’t like the inability to make quick updates to my site from anywhere. It’s also goodbye to MobileMe. It’s really served as my yearly donation to Apple. But now that Kenrick and I are committed to ensuring we get out of debt and that means cutting most of the non-essentials. I’ve redirected my website URL to my page and have turned off the auto-renewal on the MobileMe account. It feels good to be a bit more free and I’m excited about my new site and what I can do. I know that I’m not a part of the WordPress group but Google works for me. I’ve been in a pleasant mood thus far this week and I’m hoping that it continues!

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