Website Blues

Today’s dilemma, as there is always a dilemma with me, is that I’m trying to redo several things. First I decided to ensure that I no longer have to pay for web hosting. For the past four years I’ve paid $99 per year for hosting. That’s in addition to also paying for my MobileMe account. So each year I add $200 to my massive personal debt. While not a complete waste, I have been spending a great deal more than I should. On a whim, or by impulse, actually both, I decided to go with a new host only to today canceling the service only 3 days after starting it. I await my refund.

Despite considering WordPress I’m still clinging to yet another Google product, Blogger. They allow up to 10 ‘static’ pages, a lot more than I need but not enough for the easy fix to one of my dilemmas. I need a place for my writings to live that encourages me to put ‘pen to paper’ more often and to be able to quickly and easily compose. I’m considering adding another blog just for my writings and link to it or embed it in my existing blog. I’m also considering posting them on my blog and adding a static page that alphabetically lists and links to them. Yes, I know, I really I sound crazy or that this is all a bit unimportant but it is to me. I love order, functionality, etc.

My next issue is the one I tweeted about and posted on Facebook. I want to embed the feed to the podcast, In the Stacks with Barry & LaToya dynamically within one of the Blogger pages. However, with the exception of the feed that iWeb uses every other feed generator I used excludes the episode description. I can only guess that there’s an issue with the feed that isn’t detected by a feed validator or something else. I was researching the issue for what ended up being 2 or so hours. Sigh.

Oh the things that keep my interest. I had intended not to be on the computer for hours for this very reason, I get absorbed. Normally on the weekends it’s my ‘no computer’ time as I spend the majority of most other days glued to the monitor. However, I sat down for an hour and got up 6 hours later. Now I’ll have to sleep on it. I’m a huge dork, I know it but this is what has filled my day.

2 thoughts on “Website Blues

  1. Argh. Darn you!!! I am starting to accept what it is that I can and can't do in Blogger and I think I'll be fine. Once I sort out the Podcasts page I'll be good.

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