A Stepmother I Am Not (part 3)

Today included a 3 hour stretch of almost one on one time with the girls. As this occurred at my place of work I did have to leave them a few times in order to get some work done. In the time I did spend with them I read with Margaret as well as colored some coloring sheets. When I asked her to sign the first one we did together she wrote ‘Perez’ beside my name. This from a 5 year old. There was even several times where she came into my office just for some attention. At one point she ran in, gave me a hug, and said she missed her mom and dad. It was quite cute. Thinking back on that now almost erases her ketchup stained hands on my dining room furniture. Almost.

Then there’s Anna. She was quite the older sister today and spent her time quietly reading and watching a movie. During that time she nestled up to me and wanted me to remain close. It was quite endearing. We all had dinner at home together and after playing a bit of badminton and eating dessert, we all crowded again on the couch to watch television. Margaret, after being a bit of a Tasmanian Devil all day, didn’t make it through the viewing of High School Musical 3 (Anna’s choice). I suppose it also had a bit to do with the dancing we were doing in the living room during parts of the movie.

Tonight’s their last night here at the house and while it’s been a nice introductory visit, and even with Anna calling me Aunt LaToya, I’ll be glad for things to get back to normal.

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