A Stepmother I Am Not (part 2)

Today is Kenrick’s birthday and our 10 month anniversary. We call it our decimezzaversary. We’re lame like that. It’s been an interesting day. I thought, after going to the pharmacy and picking up my meds for free (I suppose I’ve hit my out of pocket limit) that it would be a good day. In some ways it was and others, not so much. I found out some disappointing news and still also found myself several steps behind at work. But this isn’t about me and the usualness of my day, it’s about my interaction with the girls.

I sympathize with those who put in a full day at work and then have to go and do the same at home with the kids. I’m used to Kenrick calling me after work to let me know it’s time to head home. I’m usually quite exhausted and in many ways ready for the agony of the day to be over. That was not the case today. I could hear the strain in his voice as well as his two rambunctious angels in the background. I thought I was tired before his call, at the sound of all that I could feel my body ready to hit the ground. I’m quite used to leaving work, coming home, and relaxing in bed with my beau. That is not the case for the next few days. It’s very little physical affection coupled with me pretending to have energy that I don’t have.

We had planned to grab a bite to eat and then take the girls to see a movie. You know what happens when you make plans and kids are involved. We dined at Little Tokyo. Expensive. And while the girls were initially excited about the cuisine (they thought it would be Chinese rather than Japanese) after the food preparation show Anna didn’t want her meal while Margaret ate and played in hers. Was it worth the $80 expense? If Kenrick enjoyed it, then yes.

We got home and the girls decided to play in the yard. I enjoyed this as it reminded me of playing with my brother when we were younger. The girls attempted cartwheels and asked for my help and we laughed and ran around. I joined in briefly as well in a quick game of tag. Kenrick was at that time on the throne having practically broken down the door to get inside the house. We even set up an outdoor play set (volleyball, badminton, and horseshoes) that I’d gotten from Walmart years ago but never opened. We were all four engaged in the backyard until after sundown. At times Margaret would even come and excitedly hug me. She’s interesting. I don’t know what she thinks of me really.

It’s funny how children have really no inhibitions. At dinner Anna told me she loved me and that we’re kinda related while Margaret later had me escort her to the bathroom where she innocently went to the bathroom right in front of me while asking what the point of decorative towels were. She made it a point to hold on to my decorative towels while she sat on the throne. She is her father’s daughter. However, she tells you quite firmly that she’s like her mom while Anna’s like Kenrick. Margaret is 5 going on 16 as she tries desperately to be on the same level as her 7 year old sister or the adults around her. Tonight at dinner she asked, “what’s the dessert selection?” She even asked, quite naturally, “Are you and my dad room mates?” I politely answered, “yes” and left it at that.

We came in from play and changed into our pjs and all got on the couch and watched my favorite animated Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty. They picked the movie as the rule was that they both had to agree on what movie we’d watch. It went well, it was the first time that I saw them both relatively calm. It was quite a sight, Kenrick on his laptop on Facebook and playing poker, the girls nestled in between us. In those moments I thought of his ex-wife and pitied her dealing with two very active children.

Once it was time for bed all three kids (of course Kenrick was among them) playfully called me mom as I assisted them with getting to bed. I’m sleeping solo again tonight but unlike last night I won’t be able to snuggle up with Kenrick’s pillows, they took them tonight.

It was sweet as they all each told me they loved me and said goodnight. All excerpt Margaret, she didn’t really care. I told her goodnight and that I loved her as well and breathed a sigh of relief when I was able to close my door and find peace and tranquility in the quiet solitude of my room. Tomorrow is another day but tonight, well tonight I try to get some rest.

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