Going Dark

I’m taking some time away from social media and writing. This is my last post and last poem for the foreseeable future. It’s time for me to fully devote myself to how I’m evolving and to take better care of myself. At this point, I just don’t have anything left to say.

No happiness do I feel,
I’m barely holding on.
Losing a grip on reality,
Losing everything I have ever loved.

The pain has now consumed me,
There’s no turning back.
Self-loathing and its trappings,
Now my constant counterpart.

I tried to be different,
I tried to be strong.
I tried to believe,
That I could more than enough.

An attempt at futility,
And now all is lost.
I’m weary, I’m tired,
With nowhere to rest.

I’ve given my all,
I gave it my best.
Don’t ask if I’m okay,
I have nothing left.

Everything is now different,
I’m forever changed.
I’m lost in my misery,
Lost in my shame.

A much-needed respite,
But not one in store.
Everything now is broken,
Tattered and torn.

Too weak to start crying,
And what would that solve?
I don’t trust my feelings,
I don’t trust my head or my heart.

Self-imposed solitude,
A break from my life.
Writing now over,
I must say goodbye.

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