What a Difference a Few Days Make

I’ve been on a bit of a high lately. I’ve been jumping tall buildings in a single bound. You know that kind of stuff. And then, the inevitable crash. There’s always some sort of crash. It is the laws of physics after all. What goes up must come down. I think that it has “real life” applications for the non-science individuals like myself. I think that life and moods follow the same principle. I spent a few days in a bit of a gloom after my previous productive high. However, because of an amazing support system as well as my relatively new developed ability to find my center, the dark days didn’t consume me and didn’t last that long.

There are some things I know about myself that are engrained in my core. I’m not happy if I have to live in a professional or personal space where I’m constantly multi-tasking and that I am VERY OCD. I spent so much time being upset with myself and feeling that I had to change because it wasn’t the norm. I think that it was my youth getting the better of m. However, I’ve stopped doing that. I’m not saying that I simply accept all the odd things about me. When there is something that I want to change and that I feel should change, I do what I can to overcome it. Maybe it’s also that I’m getting older and more set in my ways. Regardless, I’m finding that I am happier than I used to be and that it has taken time and deliberate energy to get there.

I’m also exercising more. I hadn’t realized how much I needed it. Sure, we all need to be active but I now find that I need that time to also do some of the things that I neglect. I need that time for me. Usually, I work out with my husband. At least, we work out at the same time and in the same space. However, when working out, I take the time to clear my mind. I refrain from thinking about work or anything else. I just move. Who would’ve thought that something so simple could make such a difference?! I do at least 10 minutes a day but typically around 30-45 minutes most days walking outside combined with walking on the treadmill.

I realized that my “down” mood was because I was neglecting me. Recently I lamented on how I spent around eight straight hours working on updating my checkbook. I’d not reconciled my bank accounts in a month and so I was living with the thought constantly stuck in my mind, “when is something going to bounce?” I caught it just in time when just a day or so ago I took the time to work on providing myself with a little piece of mind. That made a world of difference. Since that achievement, I have had even more energy. A lot can be said about taking care of your personal to-do lists. Then too, even more, can be said about taking care of things sooner rather than later. My next big hurdles are reconciling my business records in QuickBooks Self-Employed and then entering additional items into Turbo Tax for our taxes. I have a nagging feeling that we’re going to owe some money! However, that is a stress for another day. For now, I’m just going to relish in the delight of my having made it over a hill and into another valley.

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