Instead of Playing Catch Up

The past few days have been a bit rough. There is a famous phrase, “remember, remember, the fifth of November.” I suppose it won’t be a day I forget any time soon. Prior to today it was the last post I made on my blog. I was trying to do better about being more active on my blog and had been posting a poem each day with commentary as a result. I think that my upcoming newspaper article will discuss in further detail what has happened since that day. Today Kenrick and I began our Advocare 24-Day Challenge and if you missed the prior post, we’re chronicling our journey via a blog and on Twitter. We’ve already done our first video which is posted on the site and is available (with the link) on YouTube and have tweeted a bit. Maybe the relative public shame of it all will be the motivation we need to stick with losing weight and becoming more healthy. One can at least hope!

Tonight’s poem, rather than catching up I’m simply resuming with where I left off, is entitled Empty Cauldron. It is yet another poem about a person whom I loved very dearly but had made him more in my mind than he really was as a person. With time we drifted apart and fell out of touch a bit but reconnected. In my mind and in my heart I had hoped that little would have changed regarding how we felt and interacted with one another. And even with the blatant warning signs and hazards I barreled ahead. I saw him as I first saw him and not at all as the person he had become. I think that we all are subject to this kind of occurrence in life but it’s often hard to simply walk away.

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