Blinded by Love

When we’re young we often see life and love through rose-colored glasses. Those glasses remained on even when they had been knocked completely off my face. I always wanted to believe the best in people. Regardless of my seemingly bad taste in men, I always thought I saw more to them than was actually there. I loved with both the expectation of being loved in return and in seeing only the good in someone. Quite often I felt the Dagger of Deceit and am now glad that it’s all behind me. There’s a lot to learn in life about love, heartache and the like. I’m glad that there is a time and a season for it all and that the experiences gained in my 20s are now behind me. Now I can reflect upon them and move forward from a place of experience and understanding. Yes, I repeated many mistakes. I was insane for a while, repeating the same things and expecting different results, but that time is over. No matter how many times you get knocked down there is always something worth getting back up for.

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