Dagger of Deceit


I suppose I was not listening,
Through your lies I did not see,
The wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing,
Is who you’d turn out to be.

I wanted you to trust me,
I hoped you’d recognize,
That I was not the enemy,
For you, it is inside.

I promised you commitment,
Stability I would share,
But you were out to hurt me,
And did not even care.

I thought our history would protect,
The bond that we once had,
But there you laid upon your couch,
And I alone upon your bed.

How did I miss the warning signs,
When you did not so try,
To bring me comfort only shame,
Your words were just all lies.

It’s time to be responsible,
And time to put an end,
To the cycle of stupidity,
Whose price did make me bend.

I never closed the open door,
And again you wandered in,
To wreak chaos and havoc on my life,
Lack of security did me in.

Do you think about me often,
Or is that question moot?
For I have always thought of you,
Regardless of who it’d suit.

Creative Commons License

Daggers 006, courtesy of ShadowWolf13 from Flickr.com.