Back in the Stacks

Three years ago this month I wrote the poem that I share tonight, Back in the Stacks. In 2010 my best friend and I thought it’d be fun to host our own podcast. It was. 82 episodes and seven seasons later it has gone from a mostly weekly show to one that we do every now and then. Our last episode was in June of this year. I honestly thought it was much longer ago. You can’t deny the on air chemistry of the hosts! I saw co-hosting the show as an opportunity to do the type of job I’d intended to do when I was younger. I’d always loved broadcast journalism. I was, from what I was told, pretty good at it. I remember when I was younger coming up with copy and using my parents’ camcorder to record news shows. And when I didn’t have any original copy I’d read from the newspaper.

In high school I had the opportunity to do some work for Media One (now Comcast) as a cub reporter. The show I did was even nominated for a local Cable Ace Award. I decided that I would not pursue broadcast journalism and instead follow my then husband to Milledgeville. In its stead I did my second option, business. In my family most females go into business, hospitality/travel or medicine. Sure, I’d thought I wanted to be a doctor at some point but I realized soon enough that I didn’t have the temperament for it, sufficient passion for science, or the real love or tolerance for sick people. Hospitality/travel was a mild interest but I love business. Although I work in a library my primary focus is in administration and so I get to do all the things I like, create policies and procedures, budgets, administrative tasks, etc. I especially love the technology side of it!

Our loosely related library show is on iTunes so feel free to download an episode or two or 82! When I say loosely, I mean very loose. You’ll have the chance to hear both Barry and myself openly discuss a number of topics from the inappropriate to downright funny. I’m sure we’ll do another show some time but Barry now has his own show and the responsibilities of our day job has drastically increased as a result of budget cuts. However, I’m sure if we get people asking for more, we’d oblige. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!

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